Hi there my friends.

Here I am at almost the end of another financial year. I am still busy with commissions and hand painted glass orders. Currently investigating some new products which will incorporate my designs.

Margaret River Open Studios was a resounding success, and certainly kept me very busy. I may have my studio/gallery open all year round, but nothing prepares you for the influx of people I got for 2 weeks. I hope all the other artists experienced the same.

I had hoped to have had a quick holiday by now, but as I still have work to complete, I may not get a break before mid July. I hope to have a few days off intermittently through June, just to get on top of the jobs at home, which have been ignored this last few months.

I havn't had much time to create new originals for general sale, because the commission work has kept me busy...I guess its a great position to be in, and I count myself so very lucky.  However, keep an eye on my website for any new works over the next few months.

take care out there..

Cheers from Jenny X




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Unfortunately didn't win, but it was agreat achievement to get so far. Sometimes hard work does pay off...