Hi there my friends,

Just survived the Australia Day weekend in the gallery, and completed one of many painting commssions I have at the moment. About to embark on painting more glassware, just to keep the stock up. I am currently uploading new glassware on to my website. When thats complete I have to upload Apron and cushion designs. Never a dull moment!!!

I launched another new product in December, a  quirky design pencil case or can be used as a document holder for travelling overseas. Just had to re-order more as I have sold out. They are produced in Perth, so delivery is quick.

I will be judging and exhibiting again in Wagin early March so trying to get work for that put asside.

Hoping to head overseas to my homeland in September to celebrate my 70th, with cousins over there. Its been 10 long years since my last visit, and I need to see the highlands of Scotland again and visit all the places of my childhood and teens in Northumberland. May be able to tee up a small exhibition on the borders, where I have friends who own a gallery.

I am still wanting new oulets in the Perth area to sell my products, so let me know if anyone might be interested.

I am still interested in running  small workshops in the gallery, so if keen to participate email: jenny4@iinet.net.au

take care out there,

Cheers, Jenny xx





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Unfortunately didn't win, but it was agreat achievement to get so far. Sometimes hard work does pay off...