Hi there everyone.

Thought I'd better give you an update...its been a while... I was inundated with hand painted glass orders from 3 of my major outlets, leading up to Christmas and Easter  I also have 2 large commissions to paint, destined for Queensland, and a medium one for Port Geographe...

I have also taken up a residency with Happs Winery/Commonage Pottery on Commonage Road, Dunsborough...Its an amazing location, with several potters, and other artists working there. The wine is pretty good too!! With a beautiful tasting area facing the gardens at the back of the complex..I am painting there, and selling some of my originals, glassware, placemats and other stock... I am usually there Friday, Saturday and part of Sunday. 

At the moment I am at home with a cracked bone in upper left arm, unable to do anything for at least 6 weeks...which takes me to mid June... its a disaster for me as I have a lot of work on..so you will not see me at Happs for a while, and no visits to my home studio at the moment sorry.

I am participating in Margaret River Open Studios 7th-22nd September  2024 at Happs/Commonage Pottery. Commonage Road, Dunsborough. I am present all days except Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

I have a new email address:  jennytaylordesigns7@gmail.com

Cheers to everyone.